Blending flavors of modern indie pop, 70's funk/soul, and psychedelia of the '60s/'70s, dak duBois uses his intricately guitar-infused melodies and well-placed chilled-out pop vocals to unfold anecdotes of a blurred psyche within a changing dynamic of society. 

dak duBois is the solo project of Milwaukee-based artist Dak Wright. His self-titled album was written, recorded, mixed, and mastered in his apartment-turned-studio and released in April 2023. He performs live shows with a rotating cast of local musicians (dak duBois &co), where sets bring funk-driven jammy overtones and memory-worthy experiences filled with high-level crowd engagement. 

dubois' single, 'portland', premiered on Radio Milwaukee, and his album was applauded as an 'imaginative, colorful exercise" by Milwaukee's Breaking and Entering. dubois' latest album is available on all streaming platforms. dak dubois &co live performances can be seen in their upcoming touring schedule.